At ECI we know the challenges parents endure everyday. Driving through traffic and rushing can be time consuming and frustrating.  ECi has the solution for you. We can have your children be picked up and taken to school then dropped off back at home. This service is door to door. We use a 15 seater school busses with licensed class 4 drivers.

 PUF funding – Alberta education subsidizes transporting for children in the PUF program attending preschool and kindergarten. 

Transportation is available for families within the Chestermere area.

Chestermere Area                                                                     Outside Chestermere 

For pick-up and drop off – $75/mo                                         For pick-up and drop off – $100/mo

For pick-up OR drop off only – $50/mo                                   For pick-up only OR drop off only – $75/mo