In an effort to promote optimal learning and quality education while also ensuring children are in a safe and nurturing environment, we are committed to holding smaller classes and having a high staff- child ratio.

The following are our programs:
Morning Session – 8:30 am -11:30 am
Afternoon Session – 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
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Preschool Program

This is for children from 3-4 years of age.It is a play based program where learning will occur naturally as children explore their environment. ​
Through play children will learn to:​
1. Problem solve.​
2. Socialize and make friends.​
3. Gain self confidence as they express themselves in different learning situations.​
4. Form the foundation of a love for learning.​

Junior Kindergarten

This is for children from 4-5 years of age.This program is a balance of play based while also integrating developmentally appropriate activities that enhance academic learning.
​ 1. The children will be introduced to the rules and routines of the classroom.
2. They will learn the importance on how to play with others, share and turn take.
3. Learn numbers and alphabet in the context of their everyday experiences.
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 This is for children from 5-6 years of age.The program will focus on school readiness and to help children make a smoother transition to Grade One.
​ 1. Children will learn basic math and reading skills.
2. Children will be introduced to pre-writing skills and phonics.
3. Children will have the opportunity to explore, observe and record nature and the natural world that surrounds them.

​ The Kindergarten program will set the foundation for lifelong learning, behavior and health.

​ This is provided at NO COST if we become your child’s “designated” Kindergarten Program.


ECI Learning Academy provides educational and therapeutic services for children identified with a delay or disability.

1. Occupational Therapist (OT)– Address child development concerns in the areas of fine motor development, sensory regulation and self-care independence.2. Physiotherapist (PT)–   Assess and provide ideas for treatment of children who have severe difficulties with movement, posture and gross motor development such as: rolling, crawling, walking, jumping, etc.3. Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP)–  Address any concerns with communication skills which may affect a child’s social skills, relationships and/or learning. Some children may have special needs in the areas of articulation, language, fluency (stutter), voice, hearing impairment and/or augmentative.


Transportation is available for families in Chestermere and surrounding areasChestermere Area:Pick up and drop off $75/mo.Pick up or drop off only $50/mo.Surrounding Area:Pick up and drop off $100/mo.Pick up or drop off only $75/mo.

The Seven Domain of Early-childhood Development



Gross Motor

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Fine Motor

Play tag blocks

Self-help Adaptive

two kid are playing in learning academy

Social & Emotional

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Morals & Values

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Please contact the school for FEE SCHEDULE for Preschool, Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten (enhancement) Program

E.C.I Learning Academy

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